This year, we are counting down the last week of 2021 in style. Where other beer adventsboxes stops, we will keep on going!

We have the Beer X-mas box available especially for these days.

A box with 8 different beers where you can open a special beer every day from December 25 to January 1.

Which beers are always a surprise!

We have a choice between 3 different boxes named after the Viking gods.

LOKI: A box with only blond beers and Tripels. Perfect for the beer lover of Tripels and blond.

THOR: A box with both blonde and dark beers, different in style.

It can be a bit heavier and yes, there is also 2 barrel-aged beers in it …

This box is an excellent gift for the slightly advanced beer lover who likes different beer styles!

ODIN: A box of mostly dark beers, different in style and 6 of them barrel aged.

Expect handsome barrel-aged beers, surprising and complex flavors from well-known, but also lesser-known top breweries!

No fewer than 6 barrel-aged beers are hidden in this box!

This box is an excellent gift for the advanced beer lover who likes complex flavors and different beer styles!

Attention: This is a PRE ORDER. Shipping or pickups can be done starting from december the 1st!




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